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Remindee is an app that lets you create reminders for your everyday life in a simple and straightforward way. All you have to do is tap the 'share' button present in almost any social media or any other kind of Android app, and from there you'll access the option to add it to Remindee. Once you've done that, all you have to do is specify exactly when you want your reminder to pop up. Easy, right?

From Remindee's main interface, you'll find that all your reminders are listed so you can keep tabs on whatever it is you need to remember. Plus, you can edit them really easily, just by adding in date and time information or an added on note with more details, if necessary. Regardless, it looks like Remindee is a strong new productivity contender on Android that's a simplified, streamlined option to centralize all your reminders.
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Create reminders from any app thanks to Remindee

There are tons of Android apps that aim to help you improve your productivity. Creating to-do lists and reminders of all sorts is becoming easier and easier, but perhaps it's never been quite as effortless as it is now with Remindee. This app lets you create reminders easily using the share button present on the majority of Android apps. A new and super simple way to make sure you never forget a thing.
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Android 4.1 or higher required.